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I write this journal, because I have upload since weeks an Mandelbulb Image, which I find so bad that I first don't want to show......but I wonder........this bad image gets lots of favs.....with Incendia I submit to 200 groups to get 20 favs or so and Mandelbulb I only need 10-15 groups.

I like Indendias 1000 times more.... so I ask you why you find Mandelbulbs more interesting than Incendia?

Here for example one of my best Incenida which  I have made
construction with violet swirls by Andrea1981G

and now the Mandelbulb piece:
brown pattern with hemispheres by Andrea1981G

I hope I get some opinions from you :)

I love Incendia at the moment so totallly much.... I like the forms lots of more like Mandelbulb3D. For me is Incendia the best 3D fractal program :)The new Incendia VI version is very interesting to play with, the Blocks etc. I think there are a lot of things to learn, but I have lot of fun with it :)

Here are my personal best ones which I have made and like most:
colourful metallic creation by Andrea1981G metallic construction by Andrea1981G big crystals by Andrea1981G

red creation with trees by Andrea1981G bulb with grid balls by Andrea1981G shiny violet crystal by Andrea1981G

bulb construction with grids by Andrea1981G  darkred grid balls by Andrea1981G violet crystals by Andrea1981G

green metallic plant by Andrea1981G colorful metallic construction by Andrea1981G metallic flowers by Andrea1981G
Here I present works, which I like most from my JWildfire works (but sometimes not all agree with me and like those types better, which are not so my thing lol) Ok, here I my personal favourites:
bright adventure earth by Andrea1981G metallic leafs by Andrea1981G bright silver swirls by Andrea1981G ceramic swirls by Andrea1981G

pinkyellow stripe construction by Andrea1981G stripe ballon with mountains by Andrea1981G creative landscape by Andrea1981G impressive stripe rounding by Andrea1981G

blueviolet stripe rounding by Andrea1981G shiny nostalgic pattern by Andrea1981G coloured fantasy land by Andrea1981G floor with power lights by Andrea1981G

bluepink flowers by Andrea1981G violet burning object by Andrea1981G coloured lighting stones by Andrea1981G green softly plants by Andrea1981G

colourful lighting roundings by Andrea1981G golden swirls by Andrea1981G earth with blue lights by Andrea1981G lighting flower buds by Andrea1981G

lightful coloured stripes by Andrea1981G creative pattern wall by Andrea1981G  lightful cages by Andrea1981G colourful castles by Andrea1981G

earth with lightful flowers by Andrea1981G lightful hemisphere by Andrea1981G blueyellow flowers by Andrea1981G coloured mechanic wall by Andrea1981G

earth with glass hemispheres by Andrea1981G colourful landscape by Andrea1981G pink coloured place by Andrea1981G lighting colourful universum by Andrea1981G

volcano landscape by Andrea1981G garden with stripe flowers by Andrea1981G amazing blue lights by Andrea1981G

In this folder you find them all:…
At the moment I have no interest to create Mandelbulbs, since I have found a program which makes 3d landscapes from fractals... they makes me at the moment more happy than Mandelbulbs :) I think some users which watching me missing my Mandelbulbs, but I'm saying sorry, I like at the moment more those types :) Here are my favourite creations which I have made with yfract, I like them so much :) :)

amazing seashell by Andrea1981Gcreative spiral by Andrea1981Gconnected circles by Andrea1981Gcreative forest by Andrea1981Gchaotic street landscape by Andrea1981Gscary dark ground by Andrea1981Gdesert swirls by Andrea1981Gbest creative delicious plate by Andrea1981Gstormy weather by Andrea1981Gstreet to creative structures by Andrea1981Gcool ice earth by Andrea1981Gpinkgreen fractal earth by Andrea1981Gcreative earth by Andrea1981Gocean place by Andrea1981Gconnected brains by Andrea1981Gisle of dream by Andrea1981G nostalic chain by Andrea1981Gamazing coloured ground by Andrea1981Gchaotic swirls by Andrea1981Gcreative flower bed by Andrea1981G
Einige von euch kennen sicher das Forum Da es bislang noch kein deutsches Forum gibt, was sich mit mehreren Fraktalprogrammen beschäftigt habe ich seit ein paar Tagen ein deutschsprachiges am Start, wer Interesse hat, kann es sich mal anschauen bzw. sich anmelden:
You know, that I like the Mandelbulb 3D so much and I like to create 3D fractals, at the moment I play through some different formula types.
I have made time ago a lot of tweaks, I have learned a lot of the last weeks!
Now I will say "Thanks much" for following Mandelbulbers,  your  params has improved me much and learned a lot! I will link to your gallerys.

- len1…
Thanks much for your  help at the beginning, to explain lots of functions of Mandelbulb 3D, your help was great and so I have learned the first functions of Mandelbulb 3D. And thanks for sharing your parameters in every Art!

And I named the next one, thanks for sharing your parameters, it was/is a great help for learn and learn new ideas!!!!
- Actionjack52:…
- allthenightlong:…
- Baddad:…
- djeaton3162:…
- DsyneGrafix…
- GypsyH
- HalTenny:…
- mcimages:…
- miguelnpg:…
- skyzyk:
- whendt:
- Xantipa2:…

Thanks much!!!!
I'm Andrea from Germany and I like to play with params from Mandelbulb 3D and make with colour maps some nice renderings. It is so realy fun.